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The Forgotten Locket

Author: Lisa Mangum

Published: May 2011 (release date June 9)

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Hardcover: 368 pages

Genre: YA Fantasy

FTC FYI: LDSWBR received free copies from the author which did not affect our review.

Shanda’s Review

I know this is a review about The Forgotten Locket, but having re-read The Hourglass Door and The Golden Spiral this past week before reading The Forgotten Locket, the story has meshed and blended so well in my mind that I’m not sure I can separate it into individual novels anymore. Instead, I will review the series as a whole.

Two years ago, I bought The Hourglass Door without reading it first. I wasn’t disappointed then, and as I read it again this week I was thrilled to discover I liked it even better this time around. YA fiction tends to be hit-and-miss with me, so I’m always glad to find a book or series that I not only thoroughly enjoy, but have no concern letting my daughter read as well.

Here is a list of things I found refreshing about The Hourglass Door series:

  • No love triangle. Well, a little something comes up later but it is never really an option so I don’t count it.
  • Plenty of kissing with NO graphic description and the subject of sex never comes up in any way. Still, there is plenty to curl your toes about. (Dante knows just how to touch Abby’s face or wrap her in his arms- oh, there go my toes!)
  • I love science and fiction (yes, I am a fan of Star Trek) and I’ve always been fascinated with the concept of space-time and time travel. I can only imagine how much thought went into making the story plausible. When my head started to spin with all the time-talk, I decided to let the author worry about it (which I’m sure she did!) and enjoy the ride. Best thing I could have done.
  • Abby is a thoughtful, caring and LIKEABLE main character. No angry girl here. Don’t think that makes Abby weak, though. Quite the contrary. I love how Abby’s strength, determination, and abilities grow with her understanding and circumstances. Great character arc.
  • Dante is tall, dark, handsome, mysterious and human. No changing into some other-worldly or fantastical creature based on the phase of the moon or whatever else. He’s a talented, young Italian who, due to the betrayal of promises made, is forced into a punishment he does not deserve.
  • A great villain. Zo is manipulative, charismatic, talented and selfish. His big scene near the end of the book is nothing short of intense. In fact, after reading that scene I had to pause and take a breath!

Here is a quote I like from The Forgotten Locket:

Faced with an impossible situation, my mind ran through the possibilities, looking for a creative, workable solution. It was a discouragingly short list. But there was one thing on the list that I thought I could do. It was crazy and dangerous and there was no guarantee it would even work, but it was something I could do. And right now, that was what I wanted – action. Even if it was the longest shot I could take.

I also love the quote Sheila shares in her review below.

The Forgotten Locket is a gripping conclusion to The Hourglass Door series. It is obvious how much hard work Lisa put into these novels. This series gets a solid 4 stars from me and comes highly recommended.

Sheila’s Review

I have loved The Hourglass Door series from the first book. There was something so special and unique about this story. I think one of the main reasons is because of the wonderful characters.

I fell in love with Dante and Abby and their amazing love story. Fans of this series will not be disappointed in this last installment. The relationship between Dante and Abby only grows stronger in The Forgotten Locket. So if you want a story with a strong love story, you will enjoy this book.

There is also plenty of angst filled moments thanks to the bad guy, Zo. I think that I disliked him even more in this last book. Great job, Lisa!

So many things made me stop and think as I read The Forgotten Locket. One of my favorite scenes in the story is where Abby asks Dante this question, “Tell me, what does forever feel like?” Here is part of his answer that took my breath away:

“I meant that forever feels…untouched. Open all the way to the horizon. But it’s not empty like the bank. Not at all.” His voice, already soft, took on a reverence I hadn’t heard before. “Forever is stuffed full of…possibility. Potential. A blank canvas waiting for me to paint something, or draw something. To make. To change. Forever is where creation happens.” (The Forgotten Locket, page 126-127)

Lisa Mangum writes such beautiful words and dialogue. Her use of imagery, especially when describing the river and the bank, is exceptional. I have really noticed her growth as a writer as she has written this trilogy. I can’t wait to read what she writes next. It will be sad not to read more about Dante and Abby, but I can always go back and re-read the series whenever I want. I loved the feel good ending and I know that fans of this series will love reading The Forgotten Locket.

Mindy’s Review

My LDSWBR gals and I were fortunate to each receive a copy of The Forgotten Locket from Lisa at Storymakers. Thank you, Lisa.

What I love most about Lisa’s writing style is the way she shows me details with her writing. What it means to show in writing is the way a character, scene, object, etc., is described. It truly helps me know her characters, how they are feeling, know exactly what they are doing, and where they are.

The Forgotten Locket picks up right where The Golden Spiral leaves off. Abby goes through the hourglass door determined to fix all the damage that Zo has done to her and everyone she loves, but something is missing- her memory. Zo is such a great antagonist, a guy you love to hate, but want in a scene. His mind games and tricks don’t stop, they only get worse.

Zo is an imposing force that can’t let go of what he wants, and his reasons for doing what he does are pure selfish. He’s very sneaky and manipulates any situation his way. Right away he tricks Abby into giving something away that could destroy the life she’s been trying to get back. Could that mean Dante will be destroyed too?

And, speaking of Dante- I love this guy. He is a kind-hearted, caring person. In my eyes, he is the new Edward. What I love most about him is his heart. Dante’s love for Abby, his brother, and family is something that defines him as a good man. Valerie is back, too, but she is upset with Abby. Upset because of what Zo has put her through, but she points the finger at Abby. Valerie is also trying to come out of her insanity. Can she be healed too?

My favorite character in The Forgotten Locket was Orlando. Another wonderful example of an upstanding man with integrity and love.

Each person that goes to the bank develops a specific strength that helps them exist there. I LOVED what Abby’s gift was, how she learned about it and how she is able to help others. So many surprising things happen that kept me reading until the end, and gasping out loud at times. My husband kept asking me what was wrong, then he’d see I was reading and just laugh at me.

4 1/2 stars. This is a series that I will reread many times. The characters are iconic. It’s so great to read and enjoy a series as a parent that I would let my daughters read too. Great job, Lisa!


Sexual: kissing and touching of neutral places, ie., face, neck, arms, hands; no sex implied or mentioned

Violence: some violence and fighting (involving a knife) but nothing that felt inappropriate or excessive

Drugs & Alcohol: none

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