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Author: H. B. Moore

Published Date: June 2011

Publisher: Covenant Communications

Softcover: 288 pages

Genre: Historical Fiction

FTC FYI: LDSWBR received free review copies that did not affect our review

Shanda’s Review

AMMON is the latest installment of H. B. Moore’s historical novels based on the Book of Mormon. I’ve read each book, from Out of Jerusalem to ABINADI to AMMON. Every time I think “It doesn’t get better than this,” Heather proves me wrong.

AMMON is the story of the eldest son of Mosiah. He and his 3 brothers renounce the throne and take separate paths into Lamanite territory to preach the gospel of Christ. Ammon is captured close to the border and taken to King Lamoni, but not before he sees Elena, a woman of Nephite heritage living with her family in the land of Ishmael.

Most people remember Ammon as the man who smote the arms off of the Lamanite rebels who scattered the king’s flocks at the waters of Sebus. Thanks to Heather, I will remember Ammon as so much more than that. Though some people balk at reading fictional retellings of factual accounts, I enjoy reading them because, though I know the fictional aspects of the story are the author’s creation, the perspective I gain from exploring the depths of these people’s stories makes them even more real to me.

For example, Ammon’s reaction, both physical and emotional, after the events at the waters of Sebus was something I had never really thought about. Nor had I considered the magnitude of Ammon and his brothers’ sacrifice in giving up the throne and a life of wealth and ease to travel through the wilderness to live among and serve their “enemies.”

Heather’s retelling of Ammon’s story is enthralling, intense, and unforgettable. Her writing is clear and precise. I started reading the last half of AMMON during the late morning. I was so involved in the book that when my husband asked if I was hungry, I thought he meant for dinner (I was so caught up in the story I assumed I had read straight through lunch).

AMMON gets 5 stars from me. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Sheila’s Review

I loved reading the novel Ammon! Even though I know the story from the Book of Mormon, sometimes I feel like I am reading an action/adventure novel. I love Ammon because of his courage, his humility and his undying faith.

Heather has a way of bringing these Book of Mormon heroes to life, while still staying true to scripture. I also enjoy how Heather develops all of her characters, whether big or small. I liked seeing the growth of the female character Elena. At the first she is a timid young girl and by the end she is a brave, confident woman. This all happens because of Ammon, of course.

The scene that particularly gave me chills is when Ammon spoke to King Lamoni and he collapses in his chambers. It is so inspiring to see the faith of his wife. There is so much for us to compare our lives to those of the Book of Mormon people. We can see how easy it is to be led astray. It is so frightening to see how easy it was for Zaman to be turned to evil.

Heather is one of my favorite authors. She knows how to take an already known story and make it seem like new. I am always so impressed at how thorough she is in her research. I also can tell you, if you have never read an H.B. Moore book, be ready to schedule out some time. It is hard to put the book down once you start. Her writing has such a nice flow; you become so immersed into the story you forget that you are reading a book.

Ammon is now my favorite book out of all of the books Heather has written. I gave Ammon 5 stars and it truly deserved it.

Mindy’s Review

Ammon is nothing short of amazing. This is the first book I have read by Heather Moore and I was really impressed. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Even though it is a fictional retelling of Ammon from the Book of Mormon, I was hooked. I knew Ammon’s history from the scriptures, but what I was reading was an intense adventure story, that just happen to have the men wearing kilts. Heather’s writing is so clean and smooth, it’s no wonder her books have won awards and they continue to set the example for great story-telling.

I have always enjoyed reading Ammon’s journey to the Lamanite people in the scriptures. I picture him very brave, selfless, and strong. After leaving his brothers and friends to go their separate ways, Ammon finds himself in the land of Ishmael. He is sneaking around trying not to get caught when he spies Elena, a beautiful girl who has lighter skin than the Lamanites. Ammon is seen, bound and taken to the King.

Elena is the daughter of Moriah and the sister of Zaman. Many years ago, they fled Zarahemla to not be forced into religion. Moriah makes capes and ceremonial clothes for the king, and Elena is practicing her skills in dress making. Elena has caught the eye of Gad, the blacksmith. Gad is a widower who has his sight set on Elena to be his bride. Elena keeps herself hidden; she is ashamed of her fair Nephite skin. Her family has worked hard to establish a name for themselves away from their Nephite roots. Zaman isn’t sure what to think of Ammon. Why would a stranger come to their land wanting to be a servant? Ammon is sent to the blacksmith and quickly finds friends and allies. He keeps asking the Lord when the right time is to teach these people, but learns he must be patient.

I really enjoyed how the story went from a “Book of Mormon story,” to a non-stop action suspense thriller. Something I’ve never thought of during Ammon’s ordeal was how he may have felt. Especially when he hurt and killed the men protecting King Lamoni’s flocks. The author did a fantastic job of telling us what Ammon might have been feeling, and I felt his relationship with the Lord.

5 stars. A solid book. The writing is very well done, the characters enjoyable, and the action had my stomach in nervous knots. This book is part of a series, but can be a stand alone. I look forward to reading Abinadi, Alma, and Alma the Younger.

FTC FYI- I borrowed Sheila’s copy.


Language- none

Violence- multiple instances, including weapon use & wound description, but nothing gory

Sexual- certain “fertility rites” in the Lamanite temples are referred to but no description is given

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  1. I had to double check that you were writing about MY book. Really, ladies, I am truly humbled. I love Ammon as a prophet and it was a privilege to write about such an incredible man and missionary.

  2. Wow. All three of you gave it 5 stars. Definitely have to add to to my to read list.

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