Jul 182011

All That was Promised

Author: Vickie Hall

Publisher: Bonneville Books

Published: 2011

Softcover: 231 pages

FTC FYI: I received a free copy from the publisher which did not affect my review.

“If there was one thing that made Leah Kenyon proud, it was her husband.  She stood dutifully beside him, her arm linked through his.  A polite smile crossed her oval face as members of his congregation departed the old Methodist church.” (page 1)

Richard and Leah Kenyon are happy in Cardiff.  Their beautiful homeland with its lush green valleys, and craggy mountains.  Richard is a Methodist minister.  His brother Robert also lives in town with his petty wife Abigail and daughter Amelia.  The family business is Kenyon & Sons, the local tea shop.  Robert is already bitter with Richard because he chose to leave the business to be a minister.  He doesn’t understand how anyone could devote their time that way.  One day, while Richard was walking to the store he sees a man on top of a shipping crate with a book in his hand.  Richard is intrigued.  He hears the man speaking about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and how two personages visited a young boy named Joseph Smith.  Richard feels a power coming from that man, and his message of the Prophet Joseph.  When the man is struck by a rock, Richard takes him home to help bandage the wound.  His name is Ben, and he is missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ, and Richard is very interested in what he has to say.  Ben stays for hours, Richard asks him back the next day, and by then is ready to be baptized.  Leah is skeptical.

There are many in the town who want nothing more then to get rid of the Mormons in town.  Many will stop at nothing, even killing.  Possibly Richard’s own family.  Many wonderful things happen to Richard on his journey of learning in the Mormon church.  One of my favorites was Richard’s wife, Leah.  She had doubts and truly took her time in deciding what she wanted to do with this new religion.  This book isn’t just about Richard and Leah.  Many townspeople are affected by the Mormons, and have very different reactions.

I was very impressed with this book, especially the writing.  This is Vickie Hall’s debut novel.  You can learn more about her here and here.

I would give this book 4 stars out 5.  The book was well written and characters well developed.  I did think it was a bit violent at times, but that did not change my opinion of the book.

Here is link to purchase All That was Promised.

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