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Blackberry Crumble

Author: Josi S. Kilpack

Published Date: March 2011

Publisher: Deseret Book

Softcover; 366 pages

Genre: Mystery-Suspense

ISBN# 978-1-60641-941-0

Reviewed by: Shanda

FTC FYI: Free review copy in exchange for honest review. (Or did I buy this one? I can’t remember now.)

First Things First

I am a big fan of Sadie Hoffmiller. I think it’s because she is so many things I am not and I get to experience the story through someone very different than myself.

Sadie is a widow; I’m celebrating 15 years with my hubby next month. Sadie is a fifty-something retired school teacher with two grown children in college; I am a stay-at-home mom with four kids ranging in ages from 13 to 2.5 years old. Sadie loves to cook and bake; I love to eat things other people have cooked and baked. Her curiosity gets her into some serious scrapes; I would be to nervous to do anything and just let the police handle it. She loves food; I love food. Wait…

Speaking of food, the Blueberry Muffin Tops on page 11 are absolutely delicious. They make me so HAPPY. Light, sweet, lemon-blueberry goodness…*ahem*…

Blackberry Crumble is the fifth book in the Sadie Hoffmiller Mystery series. This story is different in that Sadie is sought out by another character, May, to look into her father’s death. May feels that her father was murdered, though his death was ruled as a heart attack. Sadie is undecided about helping May, especially after Jane, the easy-to-despise reporter publishes a sensationalized article about Sadie in the Denver Post.

Sadie finds herself being shunned by those who know her because of the lies printed about her in the article. Even her church “friends” are being uncharitable, condemning Sadie without asking her side. Ultimately, Sadie decides to get away from all the gossip, takes the case and heads up to Portland.

My Thoughts

Blackberry Crumble was well-written, descriptive and full of red herrings. I honestly didn’t know who would end up being the bad guy and I was surprised by the end. The overall pace felt a little slower than the others but there was still plenty of suspense and action. There was a bit of humor along with a higher level of emotions like grief, guilt, regret, resentment, and family contention.

I’ve already mentioned the Blueberry Muffin Tops, but did you know there was such a thing as Bacon Ice Cream? At first I wrinkled my nose but looking at the recipe it actually sounds really good. My husband would love it.

There was also a certain amount of resolution with Pete that I’ve been waiting to see for a couple of books. While Lemon Tart and Devil’s Food Cake are┬ámy favorites in the series, there is something to be appreciated in each of the books. I feel that Blackberry Crumble is where action and consequence come full circle for Sadie and I’m very interested to see where Josi takes the series from here.

What’s Next?

Luckily, the wait for the next book in the series is almost over. Pumpkin Roll is due to be released September 7, 2011. I can’t wait. Not only does the cover make me hungry, it actually makes me look forward to fall. (Summer took so long to get here that I’ve been intentionally avoiding anything that even hints that winter is coming again.)

Josi is currently working on the seventh Sadie Hoffmiller Mystery book, Banana Split.

For more information and a list of book signings and other events where you can find Josi, visit her webpage and follow her on Twitter @josiskilpack.

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  1. This is coming up on my list to read. :) I figured I better get on that soon since I’m supposed to be reviewing Pumpkin Roll next month. :) I’m looking forward to the resolution you mentioned. I’m a girl that loves resolution.

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