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Seeking Persephone

Author: Sarah M. Eden

Publisher: Covenant Communications

Published Date: September 2011

Softcover; 280 pages

Genre: Regency Romance

ISBN# 978-1-60861-281-9

Reviewed by: Shanda

FTC FYI: free review copy in exchange for an honest review

Seeking Persephone was actually a re-read for me. I first read it as a Whitney judge in the Romance category when it was released a few years ago. I was new to regency romance at the time and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I really enjoyed the story, the setting, and the main characters that were very different from the contemporary romances I was accustomed to reading.

I was so excited for Sarah when she announced that Covenant would be publishing Seeking Persephone. Clean Regency-style romance has such a large following (much bigger than I realized before becoming a fan myself) and yet most national publishers won’t publish it without additional….content, if you catch my meaning. I am thrilled that Covenant is publishing Sarah’s books. Both Courting Miss Lancaster and Kiss of a Stranger have been released within the last year or so.

Seeking Persephone tells the story of Adam, Duke of Kielder, and Persephone, the oldest daughter in a poor family. Adam may be technically living a life of privilege, but it has not been an easy one. Born with a small deformity, a number of surgeons scarred the right side of Adam’s face in search of his missing ear. Years of teasing and being shunned, along with feeling abandoned by his mother, have turned him into a hardened, defensive man who strikes first and asks questions later. This gruffness, along with the power of his position in society, make Adam a force to be reckoned with. Nobody dares cross him, with the exception of his long-time friend, Harry.

Adam is unhappy with the idiot cousin who is next in line to inherit Falstone Castle if he dies. Adam’s man of business suggests a solution, marrying and producing an heir of his own, but he will have none of it at first. His man of business makes the arrangements and Persephone’s family receives an offer they simply can’t refuse. Persephone and family are soon on their way to Falstone Castle, set to arrive the morning of the wedding.

As soon as Adam sees Persephone, he is angry that his requirements of a plain, poor woman with absolutely no prospects of marriage otherwise have not been met. Persephone is young and pretty, quiet and long-suffering. She is not what Adam expects or wants, and he keeps his distance. Persephone is determined to make the best of her marriage, though, and in her own strong and patient way starts to bring out the best in Adam. Despite his gruff and unapproachable manner, she sees the goodness in him and her affection for Adam grows.

Persephone is very likable. Sarah has a way of writing characters that bring them to life. Even the apothecary, who is present for only one scene, has personality and dimension. Seeking Persephone has a nice, even pace with plenty of tender moments and “almost” touches. I fell in love with Adam right along with Persephone.

If you haven’t read Courting Miss Lancaster yet, you may want to start with Seeking Persephone, though they are each strong enough to stand on their own. I have enjoyed every one of Sarah’s books so far, and I can’t wait for her next novel to be released. No one writes Regency romance quite like she does. Sarah is known as the queen of research. She knows that time period very well and it shows in her writing.

If you want a good laugh, follow her on Twitter @SarahMEden and ask her to share a Regency-era insult or some slang. She knows some great ones.

I give Seeking Persephone 4 stars out of 5 for great writing, memorable characters, and a wonderfully romantic story.

Have you read any Regency-era (Jane Austen and that time period) romance before? If so, what have you read?

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  1. I love this book! I was crushing on Adam in CML, but this lets us see so much more of him and why he is the way he is. And Persephone. “Shut up, Harry!” Now I need to go and read CML again. Not that that will be hard, except for lack of time.

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