Oct 122011

The Key of Kilenya

Author: Andrea Pearson

Self Published

Released: June 2011

ISBN: 9781463671839

Softcover: 296 pages

FTC FYI: I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Reviewed by Mindy

Smashwords Summary:  “When two vicious wolves chase fourteen-year-old Jacob Clark down a path from our world into another, his life is forever changed. He has no idea they have been sent by the Lorkon—evil, immortal beings who are jealous of powers he doesn’t know he possesses—powers they desire to control.

The inhabitants of the new world desperately need Jacob’s help in recovering a magical key that was stolen by the Lorkon and is somehow linked to him. If he helps them, his life will be at risk. But if he chooses not to help them, both our world and theirs will be in danger. The Lorkon will stop at nothing to unleash the power of the key—and Jacob’s special abilities.”

Jacob Clark is very good at basketball.  He is excited and anxious for try-outs the next day.  Jacob knows he will make the team, and hopes it jump starts an NBA career.  His sister Amberly is playing in the sandbox, and his older brother Matt and him just finished a quick shoot out.  Jacob thinks he saw something in the bushes, but pays it no mind, until Amberly starts screaming.  The boys rush over and see a huge black wolf towering over their little sister.  Jacob takes off after them, while yelling at Matt to get Amberly in the house.  He runs and runs and winds up in a place he doesn’t recognize.  Being chased by weird looking creatures, and meeting strange people is just the start of his journey.  Jacob is asked to find the stolen Key of Kilenya from the evil Lorkon.  He isn’t sure he wants to.  What about his family?  What about his future?  All that won’t matter if the Lorkon use the key for evil purposes.

The Key of Kilenya struck my interest and got me excited about the story from page one.  I appreciate a great fantasy book that I can pass onto my kids without hesitation.  I love this unique world that the author creates.  I also love the inventive character names.  They are clever and imaginative.  My personal favorites were Early and September, little fairy like creatures called Minyas.  Another cool thing about the story is the magic that the Makalos have.  It’s called Rezend, and it can many cool things.  Even Jacob has special powers of his own.  He just needs to figure out what it is, and hopefully before it’s too late.

Along his journey Jacob meets Aloren.  A girl in need of help herself.  Jacob isn’t sure about her when they first meet, and has a very funny discussion with himself about her.

He glanced at Aloren again–she was still smiling.  What could be so interesting and funny it was making her smile still?  Or, maybe her face never relaxed–maybe it was frozen in a smile.  He almost stopped walking as this thought occurred to him.  Maybe she had a muscular disorder that made her face look like that.  Jacob made a mental note to check to see what her face looked like while she was sleeping.  He almost laughed out loud when this thought formed in his mind, realizing how awkward it would be if she woke up with him in her sleeping area.  He could only imagine what he’d say. “Uh, I’m checking to see if you have a muscle problem in your face that makes you smile all the time.”…

4 out of 5 stars.  This book very enjoyable and is an action packed adventure story for all readers.  The Key of Kilenya is available on Smashwords for FREE! Find it here.  The sequel The Ember Gods was released in September of this year.  Find that here.

Read more about Andrea Pearson with this link.

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  1. Aw, thanks so much for your awesome review! I really appreciate it! And that part of the book was one of my favorites to write. I about died laughing when I imagined how Jacob and Aloren would react to each other during that scene. :-)

  2. I’m reading it right now and enjoying it. I’ll be blogging about it on the 28th.

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