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Tuesdays at the Castle

Author: Jessica Day George

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Published Date: October 2011

Hardcover; 228 pages

Genre: Middle-Grade Fantasy

Reviewed by: Shanda, Sheila & Mindy

FTC FYI: purchased own copy

Shanda’s Review

I have been anxiously awaiting Tuesdays at the Castle since Jessica first told us what she was working on back in March 2010. A magical castle that changes every Tuesday (or more often if it feels like it) and an 11-year-old princess that can communicate with it? What a fun idea.

I have yet to read another author with Jessica’s particular talent in fairytale storytelling. Tuesdays at the Castle will appeal to girls and boys- girls because the main character is the youngest princess in a royal family, and boys because Rolf, the second oldest son and the castle’s choice for heir to the throne, must take over and rule the kingdom in the absence of his father.

Prince Rolf, Princess Delilah, and Princess Cecilia fight to keep the castle in the family once their father, mother and oldest brother are attacked on the road and are presumed dead. With the help of the castle (and sometimes the maids) the royal children must fight the evil prince from a neighboring country and the Royal Council who are trying to force Rolf into relinquishing the right to rule.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Tuesdays at the Castle. Not only did it bring out the little girl in me, I also enjoyed it from an adult’s perspective. Jessica has taken the seemingly simple story of royal children in a magical castle and added layers of good vs. evil, integrity, hope, humor, obligation, faith, sorrow and loyalty.

Tuesdays at the Castle gets 5 stars out of 5 from me as a well-told story that made me smile and feel young again. I would happily recommend Tuesdays at the Castle to anyone ages eight and older.

Sheila’s Review

Tuesdays at the Castle is a great addition to the writing of Jessica Day George. This book was written for the Middle-Grade group, 8-12, but even I enjoyed it as an adult reader. As a teacher of the targeted age group, I know that they will love this book!

I have always loved castles, especially magical ones. This castle is like no other one, because it is alive. It will do things for the royal family, especially the young Princess Celie. When she wishes to go somewhere or have a door appear, the castle will honor her request.

With the King and Queen of Glower, and their oldest son, Bran, missing and presumed dead, enemies come calling and try to slowly take over the castle and the kingdom. The remaining siblings, Rolf, who will be the new King, and sister Lilah and Celie, will do what ever they can to keep their beloved Glower castle safe.

The things that happen next are exciting and also quite funny. I love the many humorous things that the castle does to protect itself and the royal siblings. It will change and add rooms, hallways and secret passageways. I especially liked when the castle was able to change where many of the rooms were located. The castle would also furnish the rooms, lavishly to almost bare, according to how well it liked the occupants.

I loved many of the characters in this novel, but especially main character, eleven-year-old Princess Celie. She is brave, spunky and downright likable. You bond with her right from the beginning. Celie is a force to reckon with and the bad guys can’t handle her.

All readers will love this new, fun-filled fantasy. It is a fast read that will leave you wanting to read more of Jessica’s work.

Mindy’s Review

Princess Celie is Castle Glower’s favorite. It does things for her that it won’t do for anyone else, opening rooms for her that even her siblings can’t find. All the rooms that open or close in the Castle are for a reason. Whether it is delighting in certain guests by putting them in the lap of luxury, or kicking out (literally) ones it does not like.

Celie takes it upon herself to get to know the in, outs, and arounds of Castle Glower by making an atlas. And after her parents and oldest brother are ambushed, there is never a greater need to know where to go. The Castle is alive, and helps Celie and her siblings escape many dangers and sneak around without being seen. The Castle and Kingdom is in danger of being overrun with the King and Queen presumed dead. In it’s own way, Castle shows Celie, her sister Lilah, and her heir to the throne brother, Rolf how to save themselves.

Jessica Day George is one of my favorite authors, and this book keeps her status very high in my eyes. TUESDAYS AT THE CASTLE is very cleverly written, full of fun, and lots of heart. Celie is of course my favorite character with the Castle a close second. Celie is a caring princess who is loved by all in the Castle. I loved reading what clever things Castle would do next. What clever room was added, what book would appear for the siblings to read, or what cloak would appear that helped muffle sound.

5 out of 5 stars. I loved every page. I love that when I finished, I had a huge smile on my face. Jessica, you can write no wrong!



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