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3 days until Christmas


Originally from Arizona, Traci Hunter Abramson spent much of her childhood exploring the little town of Pinewood. She is a graduate of Brigham Young University and a former employee of the Central Intelligence Agency. Since leaving the CIA, Traci has written multiple novels, including the Undercurrents trilogy, Royal Target, and the Saint Squad Series.

When she’s not writing, Traci loves spending time with her husband and their four children. She also enjoys cooking, although she prefers an electric stove to the wood burning variety. Traci says, “I can add to this that after going through a major kitchen remodel, I am REALLY appreciative of kitchen sinks and the idea of having my stove, microwave, and refrigerator all in the same room again!”

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LDSWBR: What Christmas-related activity would you like to do this year that you have never done before?

TRACI: One thing that I always wanted to do was visit the White House when it was decorated for Christmas. I actually was able to do that with a group of friends earlier this month. The best part of the tour was right at the beginning shortly after we entered and everyone was given the opportunity to write a card for a service member overseas. It was great seeing everyone stop and give some thought and thanks to those who are sacrificing their time to serve and protect especially knowing that these men and women will be away from their own families this Christmas. The funniest moment was when the “First Dog” was taken out for a walk. A lot of people got really excited about seeing a dog. The most gratifying moment came as I exited the gates with a few of my friends. One of my friends turned to one of the guards and with complete sincerity said, “Thank you for doing your job.” The guard goggled at her for a moment. Then he thanked her and said something about how rare it is for someone to show their appreciation for their service. Those few kind words really made me appreciate the women I’m fortunate enough to consider friends.

LDSWBR: If you could find one book under the tree this year, what would it be?

TRACI: Oh, the agony to choose just one! I think the one I would most love to find is Be Your Best Self by President Thomas S. Monson. The title alone inspires me.

LDSWBR: What is your favorite childhood Christmas memory?

TRACI: I am fortunate to have a lot of great childhood memories of Christmas, but I think one of my favorites was when I was a teenager a bunch of us from church were given the opportunity to do 12 days of Christmas for a family. The first few days were a lot of fun, picking out presents and then ringing the doorbell and hiding before anyone could open the door. By about day 5, the family was on to us and was getting to the door a little too quick for comfort. What were we to do? We couldn’t get caught delivering the gifts, of course. Yet, we couldn’t stop before we had completed our task. We discussed our options, about six of us who had been working together. A solution was arrived at and was unanimous. We would let my little sister deliver the gifts to the door for the last few days. She didn’t go to church with us and they might not recognize her if she was caught. Wouldn’t you know, that little kid was FAST! She never did get caught, but we sure had a great time watching her sneak up to the door like a spy in an old comedy and then hide in places she shouldn’t have logically been able to fit. The hardest part was holding back our laughter until we were all a safe distance away from our recipient’s house.

LDSWBR: Thank you so much, Traci. Merry Christmas!

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Have you ever been fortunate enough to visit the White House at Christmastime?

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  16 Responses to “Obsession by Traci Hunter Abramson – Countdown to Christmas 2011”

  1. No, I can’t say that I have, but we went through DC on our way to Germany, so I’ve been there!


  2. I’ve never been past Wyoming! Ha ha. :) Traci’s book looks so good. I love her books.

  3. I was able to visit the White House once several years ago, but not at Christmastime. I enjoyed reading Traci’s description of her experience there.

  4. Shhh . . . I’ve giving this book to my hubby for Christmas for us to read together.

  5. I’ve never visited the White House, I’d like to, but I hear that it’s not as neat since 9/11 cause you don’t get to see as much. I loved the book Obsession, it was amazing!

  6. I have never been able to visit the White House during Christmas but I have seen the specials on T.V. and it looks like they do an amazing job.

  7. I love how you were able to go to the White House!!! How neat that they had you write a card to a service man or woman!!!!!! That is just really neat!!!

  8. I am subscribed through e-mail

  9. I also follow on Facebook.

  10. The only time that I’ve been to Washington DC was during Desert Storm, and the White House was shut down for tours (as was the Pentagon and the Washington Monument). I would love to see it though, especially at Christmas! Thanks!

  11. Oh, wow. No, I’ve never been there at all, but it sounds very special.

    I loved your Christmas story! It made me miss doing the 12 days of Christmas when I was a kid. Nothin’ in the world like sneaking presents and doorbell ditching. :)

  12. I’ve never been to Washington DC. Someday…

    I’ve enjoyed you December posts again this year! THANKS for all you ladies do!

  13. I have never had a chance to visit the white house. Loved hearing Traci’s experience though. And thanks Traci for writing book— my daughter will not read very much, but loved “Undercurrents” and wants to read more of your books.

  14. I have only seen the White House once and it was in the summer but I can imagine it would be beautiful around Christmas. I love Traci’s book and my sister and I have read them all multiple times. I am so excited or her new book that comes out in Feb. Keep up the great work Traci!

  15. I’ve never been to the White House at Christmastime. I live relatively close to Washington DC but I haven’t been to the White House since I was a child. Asking guests write letters to service men and women is a nice touch.

  16. I’ve never been to the Eastern part of the US. I would love to visit DC sometime, but not at Christmas – it would be too darn cold this time of year!

    Hurrah for Traci’s friend for showing her appreciation for someone who is very much taken for granted. I’m sure that really made his day!

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