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The Hainan Incident

Author: D.M. Coffman

Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.

Published Date: July 2011

Softcover; 277 pages

Genre: Mystery-Suspense/International Intrigue

ISBN# 978-1-59811-992-3

Reviewed by: Shanda

FTC FYI: review copy in exchange for an honest review

Yi Jichun (aka Jason Yi) is a young American attorney recruited to go under cover as a Chinese judge in order to discover and eliminate corrupt judges in the Chinese system. What Yi ends up discovering is much more than corrupt judges and city officials. If events set in motion are not stopped, countless American lives will be lost.

What interested me most in The Hainan Incident was reading about the Chinese culture and geographical locations. There were a few suspenseful scenes that had me holding my breath. I’m not a big reader of political & international suspense novels, so I’m not sure how The Hainan Incident compares to national titles in the same genre. I do think that it might appeal a bit more to my husband, so I’m going to give him my copy to read.

Fans of international intrigue are going to enjoy this story full of Chinese culture and history, political scandal, terrorist threats and suspenseful action. The main character, Jason Yi, is LDS, but there is no preaching and only a few specific religious elements are mentioned. The Hainan Incident is D.M. Coffman’s debut novel.

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From the back cover:

Before beginning his first undercover assignment, American attorney Yi Jichun travels to Hainan Island on the South China Sea for some much-needed respite — but finds trouble instead. Already uneasy about his charge to expose corruption in China’s court system, Yi stumbles upon a hidden computer network in an ancient island village and finds himself drawn into an investigation that tears him between his religious principles and the lie he must live.

Aided by Sarah, an esteemed fellow judge, and Meijuan, a village leader exiled by her powerful and corrupt son, Yi uncovers the Hainan Net — an international organization that targets global shipping channels in its quest for world power. But Yi loses ground when Sarah discovers his true identity as a foreign spy — and as the American military organizes a stealth assault in full cooperation with China’s government, Yi must reconcile the laws governing the land with the laws governing his honor.


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