Feb 202012

Of Grace and Chocolate

Author: Krista Lynne Jensen

Publisher: Covenant Communications

Published Date: January 2012

Softcover; 194 pages

Genre: Contemporary Romance

ISBN# 978-1-60681-865-1

Reviewed by: Shanda

FTC FYI: review copy in exchange for honest review

I realized that I haven’t posted my official review of Of Grace and Chocolate yet, so let me do it now.

Of Grace and Chocolate is Krista Lynne Jensen’s debut novel. She currently has two more books under contract with Covenant, so we have more to look forward to from her.


After a childhood of neglect and abuse, Jill has created a new life for herself. The order and routine make Jill feel safe and secure–until the day Scott, a man from Jill’s past who doesn’t remember her, steals her phone and keys to get her attention. All he wants is a date, but Jill isn’t interested, knowing that he doesn’t remember her and how he hurt her.

But Jill’s day isn’t over yet. Her runaway sister shows up on her front porch, setting Jill’s highly ordered life onto a path that will change her forever.

My Review

Of Grace and Chocolate is a story full of emotion, choice and consequence, suspense, forgiveness and love. I’ve read it twice, and cried both times. Jill and Evie’s story touched me, and my heart broke for their past suffering.

I appreciated how the relationship between Jill and Scott developed with an emotional maturity not often seen in a romance novel. Great story, clean writing, engaging characters, and some really nice kisses all add up to an unforgettable read that comes highly recommended from me.

5 stars out of 5. I can’t wait to read more from Krista.

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