May 112012

At the conclusion of the 2012 LDStorymakers Conference, we were able to attend the 2011 Whitney Award Gala on Saturday night. Sheila, Mindy and I had the honor of presenting the 2011 Whitney Award for General Fiction to Rachel Ann Nunes for her book, Before I Say Goodbye. After the Gala, Sheila and I interviewed several people, including Jack Weyland, Josi Kilpack, Tess Hilmo, Brandson Sanderson, Dan Wells, Stephanie Black, Rachel Ann Nunes, Gale Sears, Don Carey, and Kirk Shaw. Enjoy!

Listen to the podcast here:


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Sister Weyland, Sheila, Jack Weyland, Shanda, Mindy

Sheila, Julie Wright, Mindy

Mindy, Stephanie Black, Sheila, Shanda, Tess Hilmo, Jenni James, Josi Kilpack (and that's Karen Hoover on the far left trying to sneak up on us. Nice try, sweetie!)


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  3 Responses to “Podcast: 2011 Whitney Award Gala”

  1. That’s excellent. You guys did such a fabulous job during your presentation.

  2. Wow, you girls did an awesome job on these interviews! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this! And you talked to so many authors! I so wish I’d been there!

    I miss everybody already!


  3. […] Women’s Book Review did a podcast at the Awards Gala, interviewing most of the winners, Jack and Sheryl Weyland, Whitney Awards Chair Josi Kilpack, and […]

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