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Daughters of Jared

Author: H.B. Moore

Publisher: Covenant Communications

Published Date: May 2012

Softcover; 201 pages

Genre: Book of Mormon Historical Fiction

ISBN# 978-1-60861-395-3

Reviewed by: Shanda

FTC FYI: review copy in exchange for an honest review


Naiva, daughter of the dethroned King Jared II, lives in the shadow of her privileged elder sister, Asherah. But when Asherah develops a secret plot to return their father to the throne, Naiva’s resentment turns to fear. Thwarting the scheme becomes more complicated when Naiva discovers that Akish, the first man who has shown interest in her, is an integral part of the plan. Asherah traps Akish in a ploy to make him marry her, breaking Naiva’s heart and leaving her feeling more alone than ever. Somehow Naiva must find the strength to stand against the encroaching evil in the kingdom and a sister who will stop at nothing to become queen. When Akish’s wickedness escalates and threatens to destroy the bonds of sisterhood, Naiva must decide between protecting her sister and honoring her new belief in the true God, a forbidden belief that could cost her life.

My Review

After reading one of Heather’s books, I return to that section of the Book of Mormon and read those scriptures with a new perspective of what life might have been like for those people. I’ve always considered the daughter of Jared to be evil and that was pretty much it, yet Heather opened my mind to the possibility that she may have come to regret her actions.

Did she fear for her life after her husband murdered her father upon the throne? Perhaps she mourned as her husband became paranoid about losing the throne, going so far as to imprison and starve her own son to death. Did she feel alone and wonder if she could join the rest of her family that lived by the seashore with her grandfather, the ousted king Omer?

Daughters of Jared was just as good, if not better, than the other Book of Mormon historical fiction Heather has written. The story is naturally a bit darker (considering there is murderous plotting, imprisonments and secret combinations) and yet there is hope and light woven throughout. The reader experiences everything through Naiva, another daughter of Jared. She has to make difficult choices and sacrifices yet still manages to find happiness in being with her family. The end of the story is a bitterweet one for Naiva.

It never ceases to amaze me the story Heather can weave from the information given in just a few passages. Daughters of Jared takes place during Ether 8 and part of Ether 9. I certainly hope Heather doesn’t stop writing about this part of the Book of Mormon. What do you say, Heather? Is there more story to tell?

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  1. I loved this book, too! It was great!!!

  2. This was a really enjoyable part of the Book of Mormon to write about. So there’s definitely a chance I’ll revisit this era! Thanks for the wonderful review :-)

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