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I’m excited to interview Cindi, owner of the Utah Mom’s Life blog, as part of Utah Book Month. You are all following the book blogger and author interviews for Utah Book Month, right? And you’ve entered the GRAND GIVEAWAY, right? And you’re completing the mini-challenges for extra entries, RIGHT? Read my fun interview with Cindi, then visit the Utah Books blog for details and stop by to see Cindi at Utah Mom’s Life.

SHANDA: How long have you been blogging about books?

CINDI: I started blogging as a mom blogger in 2007 and I began adding the occasional book review a year or so later. Now I review nearly every book I read on the blog.

SHANDA: What book(s) had the most impact on you and why?

CINDI: This is a really hard question. Obviously the scriptures impact my life the most since the way I choose to live my life is primarily based on the teachings of Christ found in the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon. As far as literature, I’ve always been a reader and I fell in love with some great classics like Little Women and Jane Eyre when I was young. A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway was my very favorite novel in high school. I learned early to appreciate good writing. The Blessing of a Skinned Knee by Wendy Mogel has definitely influenced the way my husband and I parent our children.

SHANDA: What are your children’s favorite books?

CINDI: I’ve been reading the Harry Potter series to my boys and my husband is reading the Anne of Green Gables series to the girls at bedtime. They’re at various ages and reading levels but the all enjoy listening to us read. One of their favorites that we’ve read aloud together is The Summer of the Monkeys by Wilson Rawls. My favorite third grade teacher read it aloud and I’ve loved it every since. I was so happy that my kids loved it too. One of our favorite pictures books is The Seven Silly Eaters by Mary Ann Hoberman and illustrated by Marla Frazee. The rhyming story and the delightful illustrations about a large, loving family and an overwhelmed mom are clever and endearing.

SHANDA: How would you spend a day alone with no appointments or obligations?

CINDI: I would spend the morning cleaning my house (it would be so satisfying to have it stay clean for a little while) and then I would curl up with a really great book.

SHANDA: What did you want to be when you grew up?

CINDI: I wanted to by a mom and a writer. I’m not much of a writer so it’s a good thing I got to be a mom.

SHANDA: Do you have a favorite day of the week? (Or this one: Do you have a TV show you cannot miss?)

CINDI: I enjoy most days. Really, I just wish time would slow down. My kids are growing up much too fast and it seems like we are much too busy. (We don’t watch much TV.)

SHANDA: What three books are currently at the top of your to-read list?

CINDI: I have a problem about buying too many books when I don’t really have time to read them all. I actually have an entire book case full of books in my bedroom that are waiting to be read. It’s an addiction. My most recent purchases were The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown, The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon and The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman.

SHANDA: That’s a common problem with book bloggers, as I can personally attest. Thanks, Cindi!

What three books are on the top of YOUR to-read list?

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  6 Responses to “Interview with Cindi from Utah Mom’s Life for Utah Book Month”

  1. Great interview, ladies! I enjoyed getting to know more about Cindi!

  2. I love Cindi’s blog and think it is great you interviewed her. She is a fantastic person and I know I can trust her book reviews.

  3. Three books on the top of my list? Pandemonium, Insurgent and Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I wonder if I’ll EVER read them…..

    Thanks for a fun interview!

  4. Great interview! I wish I had learned to appreciate good writing while I was in high school. Sadly, I was one of the students who never read the book. I’m learning to love all those books now, though.

    And, the three books at the top of my TBR list are Bitterblue, City of Lost Souls, and Monument 14. No, I haven’t got to a single one yet. Sigh. Someday.

  5. Great interview! I can’t wait til my boys are old enough to read Harry Potter to. I really want to read Blessing of a Skinned Knee now. :)

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