Aug 152012

August Fortress

Author: Andrea Pearson

Publisher: Self

Published: June 2012

eBook: 381 pages


FTC FYI: Review Copy

Reviewed by Mindy

Goodreads Summary: Jacob Clark’s most dangerous quest yet is just beginning. He and his friends must rescue the powerful Shiengols from August Fortress, where they’ve been held captive for nearly fifteen years. But deadly Lorkon traps are everywhere and affect all involved—even Jacob. To succeed, he’ll have to master more of his powers and put aside distractions from his ordinary life.

My Review

This is my favorite book of the series. I loved the adventure and surprises around every turn. The characters are creative and fun. I really enjoy the world that Andrea has created. The creatures are my favorite, I would not want to be hunted by a fish because I accidentally fell in it’s water. Jacob and his friends embark on their most dangerous quest, to request the Sheingols. All of their senses are effected, and there is danger around every turn. Jacob has some really cool abilities and is everyday learning about them. Andrea’s books are full of fun, suspense, adventure, heart, and have a great sense of family. From the humans to the Makalos, everyone is loved and appreciated. You will enjoy these books even as much as your kids will.

4 out of 5 stars. August Fortress is Book 3 of the Key of Kilenya series. Book 2 is The Ember Gods. Follow Andrea on her blog, Facebook, and Twitter.


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