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Turning Pages

Author: Tristi Pinkston

Publisher: Inkberry Press

Published Date: July 2012

Paperback/Kindle; 240 pages

Genre: New Adult Romance

ISBN13: 978-0-9838293-6-2

Reviewed by: Shanda

FTC FYI: received a free review copy in exchange for an honest review


With his pride and her prejudice, what could possibly go wrong?

When the arrogant Blake Hansen steals Addie Preston’s promotion at the library, he pretty much rubs her nose in it. But Addie, who dreams of being a full-fledged librarian, decides to stick it out. She loves surrounding herself with books and keeping her father’s memory alive in the building where they spent so much time together.

Soon, Addie learns that her beloved library will be torn down to make room for a larger facility, and she has to make a choice. Fight, or let go?

To complicate things, she finds herself attracted to Blake, who is engaged to someone else. Will Blake and Addie ever resolve their differences?


Turning Pages is a cute story about Addie Preston, a college student who works at the local library. She hasn’t had the easiest life, which is probably why she finds such comfort in the books she loves.

Addie and her family are dealing with the recent death of her father in a car accident that also injured her step-mother. Addie’s own mother died when she was little, and Addie, her younger siblings, and her step-mom have to face the reality that they can’t afford to stay in their home. She was passed over for a promotion that was promised to her, and the city just announced it’s going to tear down her beloved old library and replace it with an expensive new building. Addie gets rejected by a boy she’s liked forever, she and her best friend have a falling out, and to top things off, the guy that was hired for her promised position is a bit of a jerk.

While Addie fights to save the library, she realizes that change always comes. She learns to hold tight to what is most important, to let go of things she can’t control and that some things (and people) are not as bad as they first seem.

I enjoyed Turning Pages as a clean read with good themes that I would happily hand to my 15-year-old to read. I liked Addie and related to her love of books and her beloved library. It was a good reminder that change is the only constant and people are what matter most.

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