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21 days until Christmas


Chantele Sedgwick grew up playing the harp and singing. Little did anyone know, she always had stories floating around in her head. After she had her second child, she finally realized she should probably write them down. Pursuing publication was something she only dreamed about, but now her dream is coming true.

The discovery of first love, first kisses, and the many emotions teens go through, pushed Chantele to find her niche in writing teen fiction. Some of her stories share a few of her own experiences, but most of them are just fantasies she wished happened to her as a teen. She’s a sucker for a great love story and always enjoys a happy ending. She tends to have a thing for the “bad boys” in books, unless they’re total jerks. Then she’ll root for the good guy.

When she’s not writing, Chantele can be found spending time with her husband and four beautiful kids, or driving her sisters crazy with random story ideas.


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LDSWBR: Do you top your Christmas tree with a star, angel, or something else? Does it have special meaning to you?

CHANTELE: We top our tree with a star. It doesn’t have any meaning, we bought it when we were newlyweds because it was cheap… Ha ha. It still works though and the kids like it. :)

LDSWBR: What is your favorite Christmas movie? Why is it your favorite?

CHANTELE: I LOVE Elf. It’s so hilarious and such a feel good movie for the whole family. And I love to laugh, so it works. :)

LDSWBR: What Christmas gift have you been most excited to give?

CHANTELE: I gave my hubby the Harry Potter audiobooks one year. He wanted them because he hates to read, so I surprised him with the whole set. He loved them and has listened to them twice now! :) I know, not that cool, but I was excited!

LDSWBR: No, that’s pretty cool. Thank you, Chantele!

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Purchase Not Your Average Fairy Tale


 Ash Summerland has it all-good looks, popularity, and the best grades at The Academy of Magical Beings. Ready to complete his last assignment in order to graduate, Ash is confident he will get the apprenticeship he wants. but when he opens the letter from the Council, he is shocked to discover he has been assigned to apprentice Lady Shenelle, Keeper of Happy Endings- aka the head fairy godmother. Ash is forced to grant three wishes to a troubled human girl named Kendall, and ultimately give her a “happy ever after.” But Kendall turns out to be more than he bargained for. Still grieving over her father’s death, she doesn’t want anything to do with Ash. And worst of all, she doesn’t believe in happy endings.

 Do you like listening to audiobooks? Do you have a favorite that you could listen to again and again?

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Book Prizes (as of December 4, 2012 – more to be added to this list!)

  • Tres Leches Cupcakes by Josi S. Kilpack (signed paperback copy)
  • Not Your Average Fairy Tale by Chantele Sedgwick (paperback or ebook)

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  23 Responses to “Not Your Average Fairy Tale by Chantele Sedgwick – Countdown to Christmas 2012”

  1. Cool! I’ve been looking forward to reading this book!

  2. I really love Shannon Hale’s books on audio, especially Goose Girl and River Secrets! They are my favorites!!!

  3. We love audiobooks in our family — my husband and I and our two oldest kids listen to them frequently. I’ve found that a great narrator makes a world of difference in an audiobook — there are some very talented narrators!

  4. I’m a big fan of audiobooks if they have a good reader. I really like the Harry Potter audiobooks for my family, and personally love A Proper Pursuit.

  5. I haven’t listened to any audiobooks. I need to try it sometime! Those would be good for trips, but the kids are usually watching movies…

  6. I’ve never gotten into audiobooks, I’d far rather hold a book in my hand! :)

  7. Love audiobooks! I never listen to them over and over, though, because there are too many new ones to listen try.

  8. I think the Harry Potter books are great on audio!!

  9. I also loved listening to the Harry Potter series. I love to crochet, so it was great to listen to the books while working on a project.

  10. I like audio books, but I usually have bought books instead of audio, because it’s cheaper.
    I have a couple, My fav is High Country,by Jennie Hansen. I listened to my way to work .

  11. I love audiobooks! In fact, when I have a good one, my yard is immaculate because I will happily weed and mow for hours and hours and hours. One of my favorite’s ever was Rising Tide by Jeff Shaara.

  12. I love the movie Elf too. He’s such a realistic human that doesn’t know he’s not an Elf. My mom hates the movie because she hates his tights. Ha ha.

  13. I also love Elf because it was the first movie my husband and I saw together when we were dating. I love audiobooks now, I have only been listening to them for the past year. I didn’t know what I was missing out on! I do not have a favorite yet, but most have been great and they bring a new excitement to the book when the voices are done well.

  14. I usually only listen to audio books when making a long trip. I sure helps the time go by faster. I usually pick one that I have been wanting to read. One audio book that I especially liked was “Life of PI”

  15. Sounds like a really fun book!

    I’ve recently discovered how many additional books I can “read” with audiobooks. It’s almost sad how much time I can spend in the car. No, I haven’t found one I can listen to over and over again. I tend to decide to listen to audiobooks that I’m not sure I have the patience to sit down and read.

  16. I have a few I’ve listened to but if the reader isn’t appealing it’s hard to want to listen to more. But I do LOVE the Harry Potters on CD!!

  17. I get audio books from the library all the time and listen to them while I cook or clean house. Adds a lot of reading time I couldn’t do otherwise.

  18. I don’t like audio books because they don’t let my imagination run wild like reading does.

  19. When I was young and single, I did a lot of cross-country driving. I liked to listen to audiobooks when I drove. I don’t like it so much any more…too many interruptions in things other than driving.

    I listened to Little Women. It’s a great classic that I also enjoy reading.

  20. I haven’t really ever listened to an audiobook. Seems weird to me when I am so used to actual paper (I have the same problem with ebooks!)

  21. I love any church books I can listen too over is any Jack Waylend books. As a mom of 6 I cant actually sit down and read so i listen to them.

  22. I have yet to jump on the audiobook bandwagon. I prefer the old fashion kind that I can hold in my hand. Only recently have I even started using ebooks.

  23. Listening is really hard for me. I’m a very visual person. Plus, I get distracted by my own thoughts or kids or a million other audio things and miss chunks of the story. So no, I’d much rather read a book.

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