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12 days until Christmas


Originally from Arizona, Traci Hunter Abramson has spent most of her adult life living in Virginia. She is a graduate of Brigham Young University and a former employee of the Central Intelligence Agency. She enjoys writing what she knows and considers it a bonus when her research includes travel and attending sporting or cultural events.

Since leaving the CIA, Traci has written several novels including the Undercurrents trilogy, Obsession, the Royal series, and the Saint Squad series. Her next novel, Deep Cover, will be released in March 2013.

When she’s not writing, Traci enjoys spending time with her husband and four children. She also enjoys coaching North Stafford High School’s swim team.


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LDSWBR: Do you top your Christmas tree with a star, angel, or something else? Does it have special meaning to you?

TRACI: When I was a kid, my sister and I took turns putting an angel on top of the tree and we both considered that to be the best part of decorating for Christmas. For my family, we don’t have really have a traditional tree-topper. For us, it’s the decorations that go on the tree that are special. When my oldest child was born, my mother decided to give each of her grandchildren a new ornament each year from somewhere she had traveled recently. We now have miniature Eiffel towers in four different colors, ornaments made from Hawaiian seashells, and all manner of eclectic adornments that the kids treasure hanging from the tree branches.

LDSWBR: What is your favorite Christmas movie? Why is it your favorite?

TRACI: I admit that I love all of the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies and enjoy watching a wide selection of those each year, but my all-time favorite has to be It’s a Wonderful Life. The message that each of us send ripples through countless lives is humbling and I think brings out the best in all of us, especially this time of year.

LDSWBR: What Christmas gift have you been most excited to give?

TRACI: A few years ago, a family I had become close to was facing their first Christmas without their twin boys who had recently passed away at a very young age. To get away from the difficult memories and the incredible pain the loss had caused, they had gone out of town for Christmas. At the time, they didn’t yet have a marker for the boys’ gravesite. I hated the idea of them coming back after the holiday to visit the grave, knowing they would face only the barren piece of ground.

With the help of a friend, I went out and got a large ceramic urn and filled it with different little toys and goodies that might have been given to the boys had they lived to see that Christmas. Then on the outside of the urn, we wrote the boys’ names along with the dates of their birth and of their death. We wrapped it all up in plastic wrapping, making it look like some sort of gift basket, and placed it on the grave.

Shortly after the family returned, they went to the gravesite and found the offering. Their four-year-old son delighted in the toys that had been left for his younger brothers. The other family members relayed afterward how touched they were that their precious little boys had been remembered. The question of who had left the gift became a frequent topic of conversation over the ensuing days and weeks. Often my silent partner and I sat in their home, listening to them try to figure out who could have been behind the anonymous gesture. Nearly a month passed before they finally figured out the truth.

The ceramic pot with the boys’ names written on the side marked the grave for several months following the holiday. I was always amazed at how strong the Spirit was there every time I visited and I found myself drawn to go to the cemetery often when I was in the area. The experience became a reminder to me of how many people in my church and community had poured out their love, time and energy to help this family deal with such a devastating tragedy. It also served to prove that people want to open up their hearts to those around them and are ready and willing to do so when needs arise.

LDSWBR: What a touching way to show your love and support for your grieving friends. Thank you, Traci.

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The media portrayed the military operation as a complete success, but Navy SEAL Jay Wellman wouldn’t describe it that way. He was there. As he tries to come to terms with his role that fateful night, he notices something different about his teammates and wonders if there may be more to their beliefs than he first thought. When she heard the gunshots, Carina Channing knew the past had caught up with her. She may have changed her last name, but she can’t change who her father is. Carina understands the evil that lurks in The Family, and she is determined to steer clear of that life and any other emotional connections. When they meet, it seems Jay and Carina have only two things in common, mutual attraction and the fact that they are both struggling to overcome devastating trauma. But when a member of The Family arrives and upsets the delicate balance in Carina’s life, Jay chisels away at the barrier Carina has erected around her heart and offers himself as her protector and friend. But can Jay’s Navy SEAL skills, military connections, and loyal Saint Squad friends keep Carina and her sisters safe? And with their different beliefs, can Jay and Carina’s friendship grow into anything more?

 Do you have any ornaments on your tree that came from far-off places? 

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  • Code Word by Traci Hunter Abramson (paperback)

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  17 Responses to “Code Word by Traci Hunter Abramson – Countdown to Christmas 2012”

  1. We have a bunch of old ornaments that my mom passed down. They aren’t from far away, but it’s fun seeing something from my childhood each year.

  2. A friend brought a nativity scene from Jerusalem for our tree. We love it!

  3. We have a wooden Nativity ornament, that was given to us. On the tag it said something like, “This wood originated in Bethlehem”.

  4. I have a friend that traveled through Europe years ago. She brought me two beautiful ornaments, a bell, and a crystal star. They have had their place of honor on our trees for years.

  5. We have an ornament that was carved from an olive tree from the Holy Land.

  6. Well, some of our most prized ornaments are hollowed out Japanese eggs our home teacher’s parents made while on their mission in Japan. Totally gorgeous, special, and very breakable! They are always given a place of honor (and safety) near the top of the tree. Also, hooray for Hallmark movies, and thanks for sharing that sweet story of kindness!

  7. No I do not, but it would be fun to start doing that during our travels. My husband is from Brazil so I will have to have him get one the next time he goes to visit family.

  8. Haha! I know they are totally cheesy but I also love the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies! They always have a cute message.

  9. My great-aunt used to travel quite a bit. She once brought us a wooden ornament from Jerusalem. It really is very beautiful. I love Christmas trees!

  10. I don’t think we have any ornaments from other countries, although we do have several that have special meaning because of the people that made them or gave them to us.

  11. No. But my grandma every year gets me a Hallmark ornament. I still have all 27 of them. : )

  12. I have an ornament carved from an olive tree in Israel.

  13. No faraway ornaments in terms of location. But I have a number that were given to me by students, so every year the students get farther away, and the ornaments get more and more precious.

  14. We get an ornament on every major trip. We have something from Germany, Italy, Hawaii, and close trips too. It’s fun to remember the trips this way.

  15. Not yet. But one of these days we hope to add some. However, we do have a lot of ornaments that have a special memory behind it.

  16. I dont we arent very adventurous, the only one that isnt from Utah is from Disneyland. That is the farthest one.

  17. Not really far. I have a friend who cut down a limb from his tree in Pennsylvania one year, then sliced it up, painted Santas on them, then made them into ornaments to go out with their family Christmas cards. It’s still one of my favorite ornaments. =)

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