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8 days until Christmas


Lu Ann Staheli got her start as a celebrity paparazzi-stalker-chick, which led to her award-winning career as a ghostwriter for celebrity memoirs. A masochist at heart, she has taught junior high school English for 33 years, and is currently the school librarian, (a job which she absolutely LOVES), plus she once spent two weeks summer vacation backpacking through Europe with 15 of her students. She has won three Best of State Medals—two for writing and one for teaching—but refuses to wear them all at the same time because she’d hate to be known as a show-off. She is the true bibliophile, with something in excess of 1,000 books in her personal home library.


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LDSWBR: Do you top your Christmas tree with a star, angel, or something else? Does it have special meaning to you?

LU ANN: For many years, while I was single, I would buy the annual Mattel release of Barbie’s Holiday and use the doll at the angel on the top of my Christmas tree. Then I got married and adopted five sons. End of Barbie’s reign! We have two trees set up again this year and a SpiderMan ornament is the tree-topper on one, and a plush Sponge Bob SquarePants is at the top of the other. Since my boys now range in age from 12-23, and ornaments like these still seem to be preferred, I guess there will be no change into the distant future. Sigh.

LDSWBR: What is your favorite Christmas movie? Why is it your favorite?

LU ANN: My favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas, starring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera-Ellen. I’m sure it’s the first Christmas movie I ever saw since I was only a few months old when it came out. (Oops! Giving away my age, here.) And by the time it was being shown on television, watching it became an annual family tradition (just like watching The Wizard of Oz every spring). Some years my mom and I would watch White Christmas multiple times while we worked our Christmas scene puzzle. Yes, I still work that crazy 1,500 piece puzzle every year, and it’s gotten to the point where I have it memorized, so I can pull it off from start to finish in a couple of hours by myself.

LDSWBR: What Christmas gift have you been most excited to give?

LU ANN: Hmm . . . I had to think about this one for awhile, but I finally decided it was the year our oldest son, Carl, turned 16. We’d all had a tough year emotionally, and sometimes there were hurt feelings, but my husband and I had a plan. He had found a little Honda Civic, used, that we were able to pick up for a song. We got the car on Christmas Eve, and parked it up the road at a neighbor’s house where it was hidden from view. Early the next morning, my husband got in the car, put it in neutral, and coasted it down the hill so Carl didn’t hear it, and rolled it into our driveway, placing it so the Suburban completely hid it from view. As we opened gifts that morning, there was nothing under the tree for Carl. The other boys were having a great time with their gifts, and poor Carl just sat there, looking like he might cry because there was nothing under the tree for him. Finally, we handed him a box, a tiny box. When he opened it, he found a key. Suddenly it dawned on him why his gift wasn’t under the tree. Even though we were all still in pajamas, he ran outside and found the car. I love to watch the video we took from that moment on. It was one of the happiest days ever for him. He insisted my husband teach him how to drive a stick right there and then, and his grin almost split his face. It turned out to be a wonderful Christmas.

LDSWBR: What a great Christmas memory for your family! Thank you, Lu Ann! Oh, and Happy Anniversary!

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The end of eighth grade should be an exciting and happy time for Laura Breathnach. But when her best friend gives her a note saying their friendship is over, Laura can’t figure out what hit her. Still reeling, Laura goes to science class only to find out she needs a partner for the school science fair. Vickie, who has always been her project partner before now, chooses a popular girl who hangs out with Laura’s worst enemy. Laura realizes she can only get over the loss of an old friend by making new ones. When Kim asks Laura to be her partner, she accepts. In addition, Laura spends more time with a band buddy who shares her love of music. Even as Laura tries to heal from the pain of lost friendship, she keeps an eye on Vickie and her new friends, hoping to see a turn in the tide of popularity, and wondering if a friendship is really one worth saving.

 What is the physically largest gift you’ve ever given or received? 

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  • Code Word by Traci Hunter Abramson (paperback)
  • The Reluctant Bachelorette by Rachael Anderson (ebook)
  • The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back by Sariah Wilson (ebook- PDF/.mobi)
  • Lady Outlaw by Stacy Henrie (signed paperback)
  • A Note Worth Taking by Lu Ann Staheli (Kindle)
  • When Hearts Conjoin by Lu Ann Staheli (paperback)

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  18 Responses to “A Note Worth Taking by Lu Ann Staheli – Countdown to Christmas 2012”

  1. The largest gift I have ever received is horse ride. I have loved horses ever since I was a little girl, and my parents surprised me with one on Christmas morning. I had a blast!

  2. Great story made tears com to my eyes

  3. I gave my husband a paddle board (there was definitely no wrapping involved with that one). :)

    Lu Ann’s gift story was so great!

  4. Our Jeep Grand Cherokee, was bought in November last year for me from my husband. I wasn’t even
    there when he bought it. We did go out looking for one together, a few times, so it wasn’t a total surprise.

  5. My parents bought us kids a trampoline. We had been asking for one all year.

  6. My parents also bought all the kids a trampoline. The largest gift that I, personally, have received, that I can recall, was a stereo when I was a teenager. Or the pair of earrings that my husband gave me for our first Christmas that he wrapped in several nested boxes. :-)

  7. A couple of Christmases ago, my awesome in-laws gave us a car! Best. Gift. Ever!

  8. The largest gift I think I have ever received would be my wedding quilt from my grandma. Love it!

  9. Probably a big set of pots and pans – the box was pretty decently sized!

  10. I received a very large, very ornate wrought iron bird cage for my parrot when I was a kid. Kind of cool.

  11. I got some garage shelving units for my husband one year and had to keep them in my sister’s garage — he got to unwrap a box with a picture of the shelves.

  12. Lu Ann’s story made me teary. :) The largest gift…You know what? I think it might be the dollhouse my dad made, that I mentioned in the last post! Ha! I did get I nice big teddy bear once. I named him Papa Bear. I slept with him through college. My oldest daughter adopted him.

  13. Maybe a dollhouse or a bike. They are about the same size. I have enjoyed reading these stories and memories. Merry Christmas everyone!

  14. A baby goat. I had been bugging my parents for my very own goat to take care of, raise, and show at the fair. They spent the time to research out a good goat with a strong family line. I named her Ariel and had a great time with her.

  15. Probably my puppy – he was about 2 months old, half golden retriever and half black lab. Loved that dog!

  16. a play kitchen with all of the accessories! It was in a trash bag waiting for us to open Christmas Morning!

  17. We got our oldest (when he was a baby) one of those bouncer wiggly chairs. Those boxes are huge!

  18. We got my son a play kitchen for Christmas this year. The box was enormous! And it filled our entire car driving it home.

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