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Jordan McCollum author photo small square An award-winning author, Jordan McCollum can’t resist a story where good defeats evil and true love conquers all. In her day job, she coerces people to do things they don’t want to, elicits information and generally manipulates the people she loves most–she’s a mom.

Jordan holds a degree in American Studies and Linguistics from Brigham Young University. When she catches a spare minute, her hobbies include reading, knitting and music. Originally from North Carolina, she now lives with her husband and four children in Utah.


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LDSWBR:  What books do you plan/hope to read this summer?

JORDAN:  The Light Between Oceans by ML Stedman, Shadowed by Stephanie Black, Broken Harbor by Tana French, A Way Back to You by Emily Gray Clawson, Ashes Ashes by Julie Coulter Bellon, Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter

LDSWBR:  Did you ever go to summer camp, and/or what is your most memorable camping experience?

JORDAN:  I went to Girls’ Camp four years. Tough to pick a camping experience: the time I caught a terrible cold and kept my whole family up all night with my moaning, the year Girls’ Camp was flooded out and we had to take a number of girls’ stuff to the laundromat and spend the last night in the Stake Center, or the year where every day was >100 degrees and 100% humidity and I couldn’t go in the lake . . .

Is it any surprise I hate camping?

LDSWBR:  If you could have a summer home anywhere in the world, where would it be?

JORDAN:  Somewhere along the North Carolina coast!

LDSWBR:  Thanks, Jordan!

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Find I, Spy:



Canada is probably the last place you’d expect to find an American spy. But even idyllic Ottawa has its deadly secrets–and so does CIA operative Talia Reynolds. She can climb through ventilation shafts, blend in at the occasional diplomatic function, even scale buildings (small ones). But there’s one thing she can’t do: tell her aerospace engineer boyfriend Danny about her Top Secret occupation.

It worked for a year, keeping Danny in the dark, keeping him away from danger, keeping her secrets. And then Talia finally catches a hot case: Fyodor Timofeyev. Russian. Aerospace executive. Possible spy?

She can make this work, too–until Danny needs her at the same time her country does. And when Fyodor targets Danny? Suddenly her schedule isn’t the only thing suffering. Now to save her country and her secrets, Talia must sacrifice the man she loves.

Do you love to camp or hate to camp?

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  28 Responses to “I, Spy by Jordan McCollum – Countdown to Summer 2013”

  1. I just had a chance to read I, Spy, and it was very good! I’m with Jordan, I hate camping. All the bugs and outside noises, hard rocky ground, and not having flush toilets/showers really kills the experience for me. ;)

    • Thanks, Andrea!

      I probably shouldn’t tell you about the year at Girls’ Camp where a friend and I went to the bathroom (flush toilets that year!) in the middle of the night and encountered the biggest roach I have EVER seen… Our screams brought the Stake YW President running!

  2. I didn’t know she had a book out! Hooray!

    I love to camp, BUT I don’t like to do all the prep work to make is successful ;) !!

  3. I love camping–I even met my husband while working in wilderness therapy. Unfortunately, work schedules and kids have cut down on camping time since then.

  4. I love to camp! I can do either tent or motor home it, but really prefer the motor home because of middle night bathroom visits. We decided to fix up our motor home this summer and take several small camping trips as opposed to taking the family on a big vacation. I’m excited!!

  5. To me it’s camping if you have to stay in a hotel without all of the stuff that you normally have! I’ve never been a big camper though! :)

  6. I think I’m sort of in-between the love/hate spectrum when it comes to camping. I have not done it a lot, but I don’t mind it so much as long as I am not sleeping directly on the ground and have decent facilities (water, bathroom, etc.) I don’t know if I could handle a backpacking-type trip!

  7. As a child I loved to camp. As an adult, not really.

  8. Depending on where it is, I really enjoy camping sometimes, and would rather do something else other times.

  9. I love to camp! As long as I have food, air conditioning and a comfy bed, I LOVE camping! ;)

  10. I have not been able to experience it enough to have a real opinion. However, I do love being in nature so I need to find some friends that can help me get all the right equipement to make it fun and memorable.

    I loved Jordan’s summer reading list! I wanted to know if she had read the other Ally Carter books or if “Perfect Scoundrels” will be her first. I am a teacher and my students love all of her books, me included!

    • Hi, Julie! I’ve read all of the Heist Society books and most of the Gallagher Girls books. I like to think of I, Spy as a grownup Gallagher Girl adventure ;) . I’m still catching up on the later GGs though. They tend to fly off the library shelves, don’t they?

  11. It depends on the camping experience. If I have the right equipment and the weather cooperates, then I do love to camp.

  12. I met Jordan when she was a presenter at a writer’s conference and she did an amazing job! I, Spy sounds highly entertaining and gripping, and I have it on my to-read list. As far as camping goes, I love it! We camped many nights on a road trip through Yellowstone and Glacier, we have a reunion where 400 people! camp next to a river and it’s a blast, and this summer will be my 8th year going to girls camp as a leader!

  13. I’m in between! I don’t mind it, but prefer a few modern amenities and a comfy bed. :)

  14. I hate to camp! I’m a hotel girl all the way.

  15. This book is SO. SO. SO. GOOD!
    It keeps you turning the pages as it twists and turns in the plot.
    An AMAZING book!

  16. I love to camp. It is something that I did not do growing up but I now enjoy camping and all the memories it brings to me and my family.

  17. Love hate relationship with camping. I love the fire, the outdoors, the company, but hate the lumpy ground and bugs.

  18. Went camping for the first time in 14 years over Memorial Day weekend, it was OK. It is not something that I will enjoy doing on a regular basis. I enjoy my home, bed, air conditioning, Kindle, electricity, and most of all TOILETS THAT FLUSH!!! I plan on buying this probably tonight. I am so excited!!!

  19. It is difficult for me to express just how badly I hate to camp. Like, if I’m bad in this life and go to eternal punishment, it will be camping.

  20. Hate camping. Hate it hate it hate it. I don’t like dirt, bugs, outside, or nature.

  21. I do love to camp though I am also a firm believer in indoor plumbing being available at least one every 3 days if at all possible.

  22. I think it depends on where I’m camping and who I’m camping with. I don’t like winter or snow camping, but camping by a lake is pretty fun.

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