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Hillary reviewer

I am a 5’10 beautiful blonde, with a handsome hubby, and children that are all above average. Okay, well- the last two parts are true. I am really about 5’6, dark brown hair, etc. But hey, it’s fun pretending, right?

Anyway, I am a non-fiction junkie, but am finding myself totally drawn to mystery-suspense these days. I used to be a romance only kind of girl, but I am lovin’ the suspense. I have 5 beautiful munchkins, 4 girls and 1 boy. By trade, I am a massage therapist, and recently opened my own practice here in the great state of Missouri. I am a hockey lovin’ freak (go Av’s and now Blues, too!) and hope to get a women’s hockey team here someday. I dream of having num-chuck skills and would love to be able to break a board with my head someday. Because I’m LDS, I scrapbook. It kind of works out well that I like it, too. One day I will write a book. Have no idea what it’ll be about, maybe the digestive abilites of African Beetles. Who knows- but it will happen one day. :)

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