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Weekend Reading 10.23.2010

Halloween is just a week away. Are you reading anything scary?

I would like to suggest you make time to read Dan WellsI Am Not a Serial Killer and it’s sequel, Mr. Monster. I had the opportunity to listen to Dan Wells read an excerpt from Mr. Monster at one of his recent signings. I have Mr. Monster sitting on my bookshelf and plan on reading it this week to help me get into the Halloween spirit.

LDSWBR Reviews

No Going Back by Jonathan Langford – reviewed by Sheila

The Limit by Kristen Landon – reviewed by Mindy

Rethinking Priorities

I read a sentence yesterday that summed up what I’ve been thinking about this week. Kerry Blair’s post on the Six LDS Writers & a Frog blog titled, “In Praise of Mediocrity,” was insightful and timely for me.

“It’s simply amazing what happens when you stop doing everything you think you should and instead start doing those things God thinks you could.” -Kerry Blair

I have admired Kerry for many years. She is a great example to me, and meeting her for the first time at the very first Whitney Awards gala reaffirmed to me that she is one wonderful lady. I always enjoy reading her blog posts. I hope you will take the time to read them as well.

Short Short Story Fiction Contest

The Segullah blog has announced a new fiction contest for short short stories from 1,000 to 3,500 words in length. I’m curious to read some of the short short stories simply to see how someone manages to build characters and plot in such a short format.

Whitney Award News

A change in the rules for the Whitney Awards was announced last week. It is now possible for a book to win in multiple categories! Read the press release on the Whitney Awards website.

And since we’re talking Whitney Awards here, there are only a handful of weeks left to nominate your favorite books by LDS authors published in 2010. The LDS Fiction blog keeps a running list of books eligible for nomination for the 2010 Whitney Awards, though it may not be a fully comprehensive list. Go check to see if you’ve read and loved an eligible book and then head over to the Whitney Awards website to nominate it.

Authors: Help Readers Find Your Books!

LDS Publisher wrote a blog post outlining the minimum efforts an author should make to help readers find their books. Are doing everything you can? Find out on the LDS Publisher blog.

Twhistory Needs Your Help

This past summer  I followed the pioneers’ trek to the Salt Lake Valley in real time through Twitter. It was interesting and provided a real time perspective that I’ve never experienced before. You can vote to give Twhistory funding to help bring more history to life through Twitter. They could really use your vote.

Happy Reading!

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