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Solstice20387343 Product Details

  • Title: Solstice
  • Author: Jane Redd
  • Series: Solstice
  • Paperback: 294 pages
  • Publisher: Mirror Press (March 1, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1941145698
  • FTC, FYI:  I received a review copy in exchange for an honest review.
  • Reviewed: by Sheila

Book Details 
There are four ways to get Banished from the last surviving city on earth: 1. Cut out your emotion tracker, 2. Join a religious cult, 3. Create a rebellion against the Legislature, 4. Fall in love.

Jezebel James does all four.

Jez is on the fast-track to becoming a brilliant scientist, with one goal—save her city f

rom total extinction. But the more Jez learns about the price of a fresh beginning, the more she realizes that carrying out the plan will lead to few survivors, and among the dead will be those she cares about the most.

My Review
This Kindle Scout winner, is a YA Dystopian novel. The world seemed different from some of the other Dystopian worlds I’ve read about before which made it so compelling. It took several chapters in order to figure out what was happening in the story. More details about the world unfolded the longer you read. I kind of wished that things had happened a bit faster than they did. I was so impatient to find out why her roommate Chalice had been taken away by the government.

The main character Jezebel, Jez, was interesting and I liked her a lot. The other character I really liked was Rueben. There is somewhat of a love triangle in the book between Jez, Rueben and Sol. I liked Rueben from the first, but I can’t say the same thing about Sol. I think I felt like Jez couldn’t really trust Sol and it always made me nervous when Jez interacted with him. I felt nervous the whole book in fact because you never knew who to trust and who could possibly turn in people to the governing legislature. There were so many times I thought for sure Jez was a goner. The angst kept the plot moving along as you could feel the tension rise in Jez and her friends as they made choices that could seriously affect their lives and freedom.

This novel has many thought-provoking ideas about religion, falling in love and showing feelings which are all illegal in this world. It was refreshing to read a novel that had action, without a lot of violence that is so prevalent in so many novels. The ending has somewhat of a cliffhanger with a nice surprise at the end. This book is perfect for lovers of YA Dystopian stories and those wanting to discover a new world to get excited about.
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Deliverance- The Moses Chronicles28670421 Product Details:

  • Title: Deliverance
  • Author: H.B. Moore
  • Series: Moses Chronicles Book #2
  • Paperback: 288 pages
  • Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc. (March 1, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1680479350
  • FTC, FYI: I received a review e-copy in exchange for an honest review.
  • Reviewed by Sheila

Book Details: 
Experience the life of Moses as never before, following his journey from fugitive of Egypt to prophet of God. In this exhilarating follow-up to H.B. Moore’s biblical drama The Moses Chronicles: Bondage, the account of Moses’s flight from Egypt continues. Moses’s life as he knew it is over. He has chosen to stand for his beliefs at the cost of being cast out of his royal home and family. He is free of the wickedness of Egypt, but peace is not to be found, for Moses is as much an aimless wanderer as those in the nomadic tribe he encounters in the wilderness.

Exhausted by long weeks of travel, he nevertheless jumps to action when he observes a group of young women accosted by a band of Badrayan men at a communal well. These lovely daughters of Jethro are grateful for his help, and their Midianite tribe welcomes Moses with open arms. As he learns the ways of the Midianites, his kinship with Jethro grows—as does his admiration of one of Jethro’s daughters, Zipporah. But when Moses suddenly receives a burning call to free the very people he has long oppressed, will he have the courage to return to the land from which he has been exiled?

My Review:
I’ve always been fascinated by the prophet Moses ever since the first time I saw the movie The Ten Commandments as a small child. I’ve read about this man in the Bible and studied about his life. It wasn’t until I read book one in The Moses Chronicles that I felt I truly knew who this man was. Author H.B. Moore has a way of bringing historical characters to life that make you feel like you are reading a biography. I loved reading Book #1 Bondage about the beginning of Moses’s life and him growing up in Egypt along side Ramses. 

This second book starts as Moses has left Egypt after killing an Egyptian taskmaster.You are immediately swept away to the wilderness where Moses meets Zipporah and her sisters at a watering well. He saves them from some Badrayen men trying to steal their sheep.The details are so vivid you can almost feel the heat and the strong winds stirring the sand in the desert. One thing I’ve always loved about this author is how great she is with descriptive writing. Whether it’s the palace of a Pharaoh or in the Midianite tents in the desert, every scene is written with a unique power and appeal that evokes sights, smells, sounds, textures, and tastes as if you were there. 

Along with Moses’s journey as he finds his place in the world, away from the luxuries of Egypt, there is also a wonderful love story. We as readers get to experience the growing attraction and love between Moses and the beautiful Midianite woman Zipporah. I loved both of these characters equally. They were meant to be together as you easily see how well they complement each other and would do anything for the other, even give their own lives.

The last chapter of the book was a very emotional one for me as Moses is back in Egypt with his Hebrew family. The reunion of the son with his birth family was very moving. I got chills though when Moses was presented before the Elders of Israel and they realize that a long awaited prophet has finally come to free them. This second book was excellent and read very quickly, and leads up to the final book in the trilogy called Exodus. If it’s as great as the first two, then I can’t wait to read the concluding book about the life of the courageous prophet Moses. 

-Deliverance gets 5 stars from me!!!

***Warnings: Some violence as the nomadic tribes fight each other, but nothing graphic. No swearing or sexual content. ***

Excerpt from Deliverance:

                  Moses’s bruises had long since faded from deep purple to mottled blue, and finally to a pale yellow like the sand that stretched beneath his feet. Yet the scars still remained, running along his forearms and chest, red against the ever-deepening color of his skin.

            But Moses didn’t need scars or bruises to remind him of his final days in the land of Egypt. They were etched deeply into his heart. Scars of killing the Egyptian taskmaster. Scars of sneaking back into the palace that had been his home for as long as he could remember. Scars of listening to the woman he’d called “Mother” his entire life tell him he wasn’t her child.

            Scars of learning that he’d been born a Hebrew slave, then wrapped and hidden away in a woven basket, and pushed into the River Nile . . . to meet his fate.

            His life had been left in the river god’s hands, or was it the god Amun? Or perhaps the Hebrew god had orchestrated Moses’s life so that he did not meet the fate of all other male infants born in the Hebrew settlements and ordered dead by Pharaoh.

            Moses exhaled and pushed forward across the desolate terrain. Nearly a moon had passed since he’d crossed into the wilderness, leaving behind everything he knew, and leaving behind questions that he could never answer. He kept his focus on the rocky outcrop of the hill ahead of him as the merciless sun baked his skin. Hoping to find shade beneath an overhang, or better yet, a cool, dry cave, Moses ignored the fierce thirst battling in his throat and the labored breaths expelling from his chest.

            His scalp itched and burned from the fierce sun and the new growth of hair. His head had been shaved his entire life, so he wasn’t used to hair on his head. He tried to sleep through the days and travel only at night, but he’d soon changed that tactic. Too many snakes and scorpions were out in the dark, and the moon wasn’t always a reliable guide.

            When Moses reached the rocky outcrop, he nearly collapsed underneath a ledge that jutted out from above. The shade wasn’t much cooler than the hot sand surrounding him, but at least the deadly rays of the sun were blocked.

            He opened his goatskin satchel and pulled out the few remaining dates. He chewed slowly, letting the sweet, grainy taste fill his senses, not knowing when he might find another date grove in this desolation. Or another well holding water, for that matter.

            Closing his eyes, Moses leaned his head against the rough stone and inhaled. Hot, dusty air surrounded him, and he thought of the fertile land surrounding the River Nile, where he’d spent his entire life. A life of privilege, of wealth, of esteem. A life that was now gone.

            Moses hadn’t realized he’d dozed until a rock skittered next to his feet. His eyes flew open and he looked up, afraid that the ledge above him was crumbling. Instead, a pair of bare feet, calloused and hardened with years of desert walking, dangled over the rock. Moses pulled his legs up and scooted back, not wanting to be seen; then the feet lowered, and suddenly a man with a coarsely woven tunic dropped to the ground. His hair was a long mass of matted curls, and his eyes were like piercing black daggers.

            “Who are you?” the man demanded in a language that resembled Egyptian but was more guttural. The man’s hand gripped a staff, his knuckles white with tension.

            Moses raised his hands to show that he didn’t hold a dagger or any other weapon. “I am just a stranger passing through. I’m here in peace.” He spoke slowly, keeping his hands raised.

            The man’s eyes narrowed, and Moses could practically feel him taking in the whole of Moses’s appearance. He’d been in the desert for three weeks, yet his dirty kilt was still finer than this nomad’s. And there was no comparing the fine leather of his sandals with the nomad’s bare feet.

            The man’s eyes were on Moses’s satchel, and his breath stalled as he realized what the man was about to do. Although the small gold statues his mother had sent with him were at the bottom of the satchel with his elegant robe on top to hide them, that wouldn’t be nearly enough protection to deter a determined nomad.

            “Stand up,” the man commanded in his harsh language.

Meet Author: H.B. Moore:  heathermoore

H.B. Moore is the USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of more than a dozen historical novels set in ancient Arabia and Mesoamerica. She attended the Cairo American College in Egypt and the Anglican International School in Jerusalem, and received her bachelor of science degree from Brigham Young University. She writes historical thrillers under the pen name H.B. Moore, and romance and women’s fiction under the name Heather B. Moore. It can be confusing, so her kids just call her Mom. 

Join H.B. Moore’s newsletter list for updates at


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Product Details

  • Title: Pimpernel
  • Author: Sheralyn Pratt
  • File Size: 3191 KB
  • Print Length: 280 pages
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publisher: Wicked Sassy (January 18, 2016)
  • Publication Date: January 18, 2016
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B019DPEL0W
  • FTC, FYI: I received a review e-copy in exchange for an honest review.
  • Reviewed by : Sheila
Book Description:
Pimpernel by Sheralyn Pratt They seek him here; they seek him there. For centuries, the elite of the world have sought the Pimpernel everywhere. Some want to kill him, others want to hire him, but Jack Cavanaugh knows that the love/hate relationship comes with the job title. At present, Jack is trying to dismantle an investment scheme centered in Las Vegas, but “trying” is the operative word. It’s been a month since he put the face of the scheme behind bars, yet the scam is still going strong. As Jack tries to uncover who has stepped in as the new head, what miniscule evidence there is all seems to point him back to Claire Ramsey, an introverted PhD student studying at UNLV. If ever there as an unlikely head of a investment scheme, Claire’s it. She has a genius IQ, but from all Jack has seen, Claire’s intelligence is as much a blessing as a curse when paired up with her acute OCD. Claire can barely make conversation with the cute guy down the hall, which makes it hard to believe she could be the charismatic salesperson who is getting international businessmen to invest $5—50 million a pop. So what is Jack missing? What is the real story behind Claire Ramsey? And once Jack learns it, will he be able to walk away?

My Review: 
This book was not was I was expecting. It is not a story to read when you are tired, you need to be awake and alert or you will be lost. There is a lot to take in during the first half of the book. The set-up of characters and what is going on can be confusing at first, but soon you are piecing things together. At the middle point of the book is where the surprises start popping up and then you can’t read fast enough.

You have PhD student Claire who is a genius and also happens to have OCD. Right from the first, you know that she is involved in something where she is in over her head. Claire is a character where you really feel for her because of her strange family and her infatuation with her professor who is in jail. You never know what is going to throw Claire into a tail spin and a mental breakdown. With wealthy parents that have always been so cold, and she’s never been kissed, you want something good to happen to Claire.

Jack is the Pimpernel. He is a mystery and Claire isn’t sure if she can trust him. I wasn’t sure about him either as the story unfolded. It was hard to know who to trust at all. It’s crazy to read a book where you have no clue who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. I was stumped for quite awhile. Jack is in neck deep with the organization trying to get to the bottom of the scam that Claire is in the middle of.

It’s really hard to describe what happens in this story without giving too much away. Let’s just say it is intense, exciting and edgy. As the romance starts blooming, you can’t help but wonder if it is real, or part of the scheme. Now that we have been introduced to the characters, main and minor, I hope that the author writes more of this series. I think now that you know them and what they do, the story would move more smoothly along. I liked this book, but felt like I should have been taking notes to try and figure things out. Author Sheralyn Pratt is a great writer, so she is able to pull this off and make you hungry for more of Jack, Claire, Margot, Nate and Ren. If you like to be challenged as a reader in figuring out a mystery, you will love this book and be happy that you read it.

amazon get itExcerpt:
The high-pitched scream from the other side of her apartment door shattered Claire’s thoughts. “Daniel?” That shriek had been way too high to come out of a man. “Help!” Daniel’s voice cried out from the other side of the door. Claire unlocked the door and pushed it open, finding Daniel cowering on the couch in sailor-themed boxer briefs. Classical music played from his bedroom, indicating Daniel had been sewing before he ended up on the couch. On the ground between them lay the lounge robe Daniel had made in his fashion design class along with his house slippers. They looked like they’d been flung at random. “Move!” he shrieked at her, stabbing his finger at the ground like a mad man. “Take the high ground and leave the door open. Maybe it will go back to the gates of hell, where it belongs!” Claire followed the direction of his manic gesturing, freezing when her eyes locked on something the size of her fist with eight hairy legs. “Daniel? Please tell me that is a toy.” “That. Is. NOT. A. Toy!” The spider chose that moment to make its move—which happened to be sprinting her way. Claire shrieked as Daniel motioned for her to join him on the couch. “High ground!” Was he insane? She would have to leap over the tarantula to get to him. Why in the world would she do that when she could just run away and go to a hotel for the night? “Voldemort?” a man’s voice said from behind her a split second before Claire backed into a male body blocking her retreat. Not only did Claire scream, but her body was suddenly possessed by an Olympic hurdler as she scampered across the living room and flung herself into Daniel’s arms on the couch. “You found her!” a flagpole of a man from the doorway said as Claire latched onto Daniel, hiding her face against his shoulder. If she didn’t see the spider, maybe it would cease to exist. “Found it?” Daniel scoffed. “That thing tried to duel me for my sandwich before I batted him off my kitchen table.” Claire shuttered, only vaguely realizing that the shoulder she was hiding her face in was bare. I’ve never hugged a guy who was only wearing underwear before, she thought a moment before Daniel pulled her keys out of her hand and flung them at the ground to join his slippers and robe. “Don’t chase it this way!” Daniel yelled at the other guy. “Come on, Voldemort,” the spider guy cooed. “Let’s get you back into your habitat—Don’t run!” Wait, it was running? Claire didn’t want to see that, yet something compelled her to turn and look anyway. People always said that horrible things seemed to happen in slow motion, but Claire could have sworn the giant arachnid was coming at her in fast-forward mode. In a heartbeat, she had climbed up to ride piggyback on Daniel while he responded by flapping his hands in panic as if he could fan the thing away with a light breeze. Not only did the spider keep running, it was sprinting like an arachnid with a plan—heading straight for the couch. When Daniel backed away, Claire felt her back thump into the wall. Before he could move again, she pushed off his back to stand on the back of the couch, dropping her purse when it threatened her balance. On the way down, it ended up in Daniel’s hands and he wasted no time finding items inside and tossing them at the spider while its owner moved in to act like a human shield. “No!” the tall guy cried as he tried to corral the beast. “Don’t throw things at her. You might hurt her.” Just then, Claire’s favorite lip gloss bounced off the hairy spider, stunning it. That lip gloss was dead to her—not just the tube, the actual brand. She’d never be able to look at it the same again.

add to goodreads     Meet: Author Sheralyn Pratt

SheralynSome describe Sheralyn as a girl who’s been around the block and worked at every shop. This isn’t far from the truth. Writing is what she loves most, however. There’s a magical power in stepping into new perspectives time and again, and seeing the world through different eyes. Few things increase empathy more than walking in another’s shoes for 100,000 words or so. At least that seems to be the trend so far.
Some random things to know about Sheralyn: * She’s a wanderer (geographically) * She can write a novel, but doesn’t have the attention span for one page in a journal * She vehemently disagrees with Stephen King’s stance that authors should not watch TV * She is pretty much incapable of sleeping before midnight

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Courting-Cassandry Product Description:

  • Title: Courting Cassandry
  • Author: Joyce DiPastena
  • File Size: 1436 KB
  • Print Length: 348 pages
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publisher: Sable Tyger Books (February 17, 2016)
  • Publication Date: February 17, 2016
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B01AU2TK6W
  • FTC, FYI: I received a review e-copy in exchange for an honest review.
  • Reviewed by: Sheila

Book Description:

Is it too late for second chances when the girl you loved in your youth comes back into your life?

Gerolt de Warenne became guardian to a child-heiress named Cassandry when he was only nineteen-years old. As he watched her grow into a lovely young woman, he found himself falling in love with her, but Cassandry viewed him as an older brother. So, burying his feelings, he gave permission for her to marry another.

Twenty-four years later Gerolt and Cassandry meet again. With the loss of their respective spouses, Gerolt hopes to finally court Cassandry, but she desires to remain a widow. Instead, they agree to a betrothal of their children.
Matters become complicated as their friendship begins to evolve into the romance Gerolt has always wanted. But by the law of the medieval Church, Cassandry and Gerolt can’t marry if their children do. Can they find a way to be together? Or must they sacrifice their future for the love of their children?

“Courting Cassandry” is a “Hearts in Autumn” romance, medieval romances revolving around heroes and heroines “in the autumn of their years.” Because love isn’t only for the young!

Excerpt from: Courting Cassandry

“You wish me to marry one of your knights?” She rose so swiftly she knocked over the embroidery basket next to her chair. Her laced hands began to wring one another. “My lord, I beg you, I am quite content as a widow. Do not—Of course, if you command me I must obey . . . but I pray you will not—”

“Command you? When did I ever command you to do anything, Cassandry? And when did you cease to call me Gerolt?”

She bit her lower lip before she replied. “When I became wife to your vassal, Sir Antony. Things are not what they were between us, my lord. They can never be so again. Too much time has passed. We both know that. I am your devoted servant.” She curtsied, her hands still moving with distress against her tawny gown. “And I must do as you . . . request. But I have no desire to marry again.”

Disappointment pierced his chest. He stepped forward, ignoring the sudden urge to move within arm’s reach of her. Even as she stood rejecting him, he still felt the charge of desire for her.

“None, Cassandry?”

She did not look away this time but gazed with so much earnestness into his eyes that the hopeful fluttering in his stomach turned to a leaden ball.

“I should not change my mind if you asked me to wed yourself. I am too old to be a wife again, my lord. This knight of whom you speak—no, please do not tell me his name—I wish to remember all of them fondly, without awkwardness should we meet. Whomever he is, he deserves a younger, merrier woman than I.”

’Twas the first time he observed it, the loss of merriment in her eyes. She had been so bright and cheerful at Lyonstoke, her spirit so warm, her nature so sweet and trusting. But she’d had a joyful future waiting to embrace her then. He supposed a woman who had loved as fervently as she had would be a woman who would mourn the loss of that love to her final days.

He resolutely clamped down his hurt, as he had the day he had given her hand to Antony.

My Review:
Courting Cassandry is another wonderful addition to the “Hearts in Autumn” medieval romance series. Joyce describes it this way,
“Hearts in Autumn” romance series, medieval romances revolving around heroes and heroines “in the autumn of their years.” Because you’re never too old to fall in love!”

I have truly loved reading a romance where the main characters are between the ages of 40-50+! There is something about more mature characters that bring their life stories into play as they contemplate a new romance in their life. Cassandry and Gerolt’s story is one of true heartache. It is one of lost-love, unhappy marriages, longing for the love that wasn’t within in their reach twenty years before, but it is now that they are given a second chance if only…

Yes, it’s that, “If only…” that is the main plot in the story. Neither one of the main characters comes right out and say how they feel at first so there is a lot of beating around the bush about how they’re feeling and expressing themselves to each other. Cassandry and Gerolt decide to have their teens become betrothed to one another, but both Egelina, Cassandry’s daughter and Rauffe, Gerolt’s son, aren’t liking their parents plans. Then you throw in old grudges with other characters, jealousies, blackmail and other nefarious things and you have more than a romance here. There is enough mystery, suspense and other dark things going on that you are not sure who will make it out alive, happy and/or sane.

The dialogue is so beautiful with the language from this time period. Joyce’s writing brings the beauty and mystic of medieval England alive in her books. You are always assured of a clean read and know that you will have a good story with an intriguing plot line when you read a book by Joyce DiPastena. If you are looking for something unique and different from the “normal” romance out there, you need to pick up Courting Cassandry or any of Joyce’s books. She knows this time period so well and she knows how to write a satisfying book for romance readers.

***This book is for teens and adults. There is some kissing, no sex, and little violence, except for a mild knife attack.***

Purchase at these Locations:


Barnes & Noble



Meet Author: Joyce DiPastena              Joyce Dipastena

Joyce DiPastena dreamed of green medieval forests while growing up in the
dusty copper mining town of Kearny, Arizona. She filled her medieval hunger by
reading the books of Thomas B. Costain (where she fell in love with King Henry II
of England), and later by attending the University of Arizona where she
graduated with a degree in history, specializing in the Middle Ages. The
university was also where she completed her first full-length novel…set, of
course, in medieval England. Later, her fascination with Henry II led her to
expand her research horizons to the far reaches of his “Angevin Empire” in
France, which became the setting of her first published novel, Loyalty’s Web (a
2007 Whitney Award Finalist).
When she’s not writing, Joyce loves to read, play the piano, and spend time
with her sister and friends. A highlight of her year is attending the annual
Arizona Renaissance Festival. She lives with her two cats, Clio and Glinka
Rimsky-Korsokov, in Mesa, Arizona.
Website: Blog:  Facebook: Twitter:

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2015whitneyreadingchallengeThe 2015 Whitney Award finalists were announced last week, which means it’s time for another Whitney Reading Challenge.

LDSWBR is co-hosting this year’s Whitney Reading Challenge with  We’ll be holding weekly giveaways for anyone who reads the finalists as well as Grand Prize giveaways for Whitney Academy members who complete the reading and vote in the Youth, Adult, and ALL categories. Entries for the Grand Prizes can be made on the 2015 Whitney Reading Challenge Rafflecopter page (under the weekly giveaway form) after Whitney voting begins.

Visit for the 2015 Whitney Reading Challenge rules. You can enter there as well. Remember to update the weekly Rafflecopter form often to participate in the weekly drawings. Good luck!

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Not Always (1)

Not Always Happenstance Product Description:

  • Title:Not Always Happenstance (Power of the Matchmaker Series)
  • Author: Rachael Anderson
  • Paperback: 250 pages
  • Publisher: HEA Publishing (February 1, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1941363156
  • FTC, FYI: I received a review copy in exchange for an honest review.
  • Reviewed By: Sheila

Book Description: Not Always Happenstance 
by Rachael Anderson
Lani has lived in Hana, Hawaii for five years. She’s learned to surf, fish, dive, and manage her grandmother’s bed and breakfast. She’s also learned to take one day at a time the way it should be taken—relaxed and unrushed, savoring every moment.
But, like a large wave on the brink of breaking, her life is about to crash out of control. A proposal of marriage, a conniving grandmother, a cryptic Asian woman, and a handsome guest, and suddenly everything calm begins to churn, everything clear becomes confused, and all that was normal segues into peculiar.
As Lani struggles against the current to hold her ground, she realizes that she can either continue to fight and eventually lose, or take a take a leap of faith, hold her breath, and ride the wave wherever it takes her.

My Review:
 Not Always Happenstance is the second full novel in the Power of the Matchmaker series. If you’ve read my other reviews so far of this series you know how much I love the character of Pearl, the matchmaker. I truly loved in this novel how she played a much bigger role. She was there throughout the book guiding the couple, Lani and Easton. Her words of wisdom and life experiences were told often to both of them.Her guidance was a moving force in Easton and Lani coming together.
Lani lives on Maui with her Grandmother where they run a Bed and Breakfast. Her life revolves around the B&B and kind of being engaged to a man from California who she has dated for many years. Easton is a  world wide traveler who writes about his experiences on his blog. When the two of them meet, they both are so closed off from the possibilities of true love that it takes some huge pushes from Pearl and Puna, Lani’s grandmother. The thing I liked the most about this clean romance was the slow buildup. It was all very realistic in the way they met, interacted and slowly opened up to one another. By the time they are getting closer you are so ready to see this happen. Lani and Easton both have secrets and insecurities like all people, and that seems to step into their way quite often. But with the fun things that happen and the wonderful banter between the two characters you fall in love with this story, the people of Maui, Puna, Lani and Easton.
I truly love the way that Rachael Anderson writes a romance. Her descriptive writing pulls you into the world of her characters and their inner most feelings. I felt that she gave equal coverage to both characters which helped you grow to understand them and their idiosyncrasies. You are pulling for them to get together as much as Pearl and Puna were.
I’ve never been to Hawaii, but I hope to go someday. If it is as beautiful and wonderful as it was written in this novel I know I will love it, and it’s people. This romance as I said is a slow burn, but don’t give up on it. Things really pick up about half way in and then you are totally hooked. This book has some wonderful tender moments with some great kisses by beautiful waterfalls and glorious beaches.
Not Always Happenstance is a wonderful ride in an exotic location, where you will be swept away with this romance and enlightened by the words of wisdom given by Pearl. My favorite thing she said was this, “Every experience-good and bad-has the power to mold and change us into something greater than we were before.” 
***This book is recommended for older teen and adults who love
 a sweet, clean romance.***
***This book is part of the Power of the Matchmaker series that features one recurring character—the match maker—but it is a STAND-ALONE novel.***

amazon get it

add to goodreads

RachaelMeet Author Rachael Anderson
A USA Today bestselling author, Rachael Anderson is the mother of four and is pretty good at breaking up fights, or at least sending guilty parties to their rooms. She can’t sing, doesn’t dance, and despises tragedies. But she recently figured out how yeast works and can now make homemade bread, which she is really good at eating.

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