Mar 072011

…crazy fun!

Sheila, Mindy and I had a blast hanging with book people we knew as well as meeting new book friends. Part of me can’t believe I’m posting so many photos with me in them, but I’m over it. It was way too much fun not to share these photos with you.

Shanda, Mindy, Sheralyn Pratt, Lisa Mangum, Sheila, and Natasha (@mawbooks - she started this whole thing)

Shanda, LT Elliot, Jenn Johansson, and Nichole Giles

Shanda & Margot Hovley (aka @the_damsel)

Shanda & beautiful Penelope from @ReadingFever

Kim from Good Clean Reads, Heather (@FireIcePhotos) & me. Again. :)

Nichole Giles, Sheralyn Pratt, Sheila, Christy (@dearestdreams), Shanda & Mindy

Bree Despain, Debbie (@cranberryfries), Sheila, Shanda & Mindy

See what I mean? Too fun! Thanks to everyone who organized the social. We had a great time & we’re looking forward to the next one.

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